kiki nadieh wullink - abstract artist

'art is time. to unravel life's secrets and stories.'

inspired by nature its stories - colours, shapes and textures align to the rawness of life. the infinite landscapes and smallest processes reflect her own.


art gives her direction and meaning, more to question and grow. art is time. to unravel life's secrets and stories. paintings are meant to make you stop and inspire you to see little and vaag to realistic. 

each piece kiki creates is about processing and expressing. she challenges herself through her work. it .. guidance through emotions and open to different perspectives. it's a consistent experiment with tones, shapes and raw structures to feel ...


kiki is based in holland. all of her work is made of sustainable materials - ecor, left-over wood and plant-based paint from fairf. her work comes in circular and angular shapes. the multiple bodies align with the freedom of her own and the natural world.


happinez magazine

marlien besselink

liefke magazine

living stories

michele giebing


MOS creative lab

kiki nadieh wullink

kvk: 71065113

btw: NL002258530B41